Statia (EUX) is served five times daily by Windward Island Airways (WINAIR) from St. Maarten. Flight time is approximately 20 minutes from Sint Maarten.

These services allow passengers to make connections in St. Maarten (SXM) with regional and international carriers, including BWIA, LIAT, KLM, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Jet Blue and Air France.

There is no scheduled boat or ferry service to Statia. For yachters, anchorage is available at Oranje Bay marina. Prices are based on tonnage.

Winair reservations can be made directly with Winair at:

 Winair Reservations/Ticketing
   Windward Islands Airways
   Telephone: (599) 545-4237
   Telephone: (599) 545-4230
   Telephone: (599) 545-4210

Winair reservations can also be made at:

  Let's Travel
   W J A Nisbeth Road 71
   Telephone: 599-542-2381
   Fax: 599-542-5042

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