St. Eustatius offers some of the best, undiscovered hiking trails in the Caribbean.

At the North end area a series of hills, remnants of an old volcano. At the center of the island is a plain where the airport is located and at the south end a perfectly formed volcano - The Quill.

Designated as a National Park in May 1998 and is managed by The St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (Stenapa), The Quill soars dramatically to a height of 2000 feet.

The hike up the Quill is a must.You'll encounter a lush rainforest, an fabulous hike that has attracted hundreds of visitors. After you have made the ascent to the crater, catch your breath and relax, then make your descent into the floor of the crater to a depth of 273 meters above sea level. Explore the verdant lush tropical rainforest, nestled within its enormous crater.

You will find the interior teems with giant elephant ears growing along the trail on the ground. Also look oput for magnificent tree ferns, begonias, figs, plantains and bananas.

In the Quill you will also find bromliads (related to the pineapple), trumpet wood, mahogany, seedless breadfruit (first brought to the New World by Captain Bligh in 1793), Surinam cherry, ginger bush and edible raspberries.

At least 17 different kinds of orchids, some quite rare can be seen on the island. You may also come across iguanas, land crabs, butterflies and exotic birds.

Bird life on Statia is rich. The number of species recorded is 54 - 25 resident and breeding species, 21 migrants form North America and 12 species of seabirds.

There's plenty more hiking and exploring close to the Quill.

Panaroma Track has breathtaking views of St. Barts, St. Maarten and Saba. Don't miss the Mazinga Track with great views of St. Kitts and Nevis.

During your hike you might encounter the harmless, unusual Racer snake. Along the trail will hear the "coquee" sound of the tree frog - again very rare.

On the northern side of the island there are Venus, Gilboa and Boven trails. On these trails you will find many orchids, large iguanas, beautiful rock formations and superb views of the island, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

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